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  • Hotline: 13965626788

    More>About US
    Ma an shan Dongan machinery co., LTD      Ma an shan dongan machinery co., LTD., is in east China's largest factory specialized in the production of wear-resistant alloy products.   Maanshan east machinery co., LTD is located in maanshan, looking at economic development zone, is specialized in the production of domestic road...

    Mixer shaft head seal
    • Mixer shaft head seal
    Lining board products
    • Lining board products
    Mixing blade products
    • Mixing blade products
    mixing arm111
    • mixing arm111
    • Scaleboard123
    Break the essence machine line hammer head
    • Break the essence machine line hammer head
    agitating vane123
    • agitating vane123
    Contact us

    Ma an shan Dongant machinery co., LTD
    Address: maanshan Po district town, east industrial park
    Tele: 0555-6768879
    The true: 0555-6768829
    Hand machine: 13965626788
    Contact: manager xia

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