How To Update Latest KODI 18.0 Leia For Your Android TV Box


How To Update Latest KODI 18.0 Leia For Your Android TV Box


  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • 1x USB [at least 1GB Free Space]


Part 1: Unsinstall Old KODI Version


In order to install latest KODI version, user needs to uninstall the old version. 


To uninstall old version of Kodi

  • Go to Setting 
  • Go to Apps
  • Find and Click one of the apps here if you see them:  KD Player/ KDMC / TVMC / KODI
  • Choose Uninstall

Part 2: Install Latest KODI Version


Step 1: Download latest Kodi 

  • Select the link below & download new version of Kodi
  • Save the downloaded file to your USB. Name the file Hazza_Online_Kodi_18_Leia_Beta4


Hint: Version 32bit is more suitable with Android TV Box having 1GB & 2GB RAM; while version 64bit can be installed to 3GB RAM model and above.


Version 64Bit:

Version 32Bit:


Step 2: Install latest Kodi  


  1. Plug USB to USB port of the box (A message USB is Connect should pop up)
  2. Go back to Android Screen
  3. Go to Setting
  4. Go to Apps
  5. Find and Select AppsInstaller
  6. Choose your USB
  7. Find & Select Hazza_Online_Kodi_18_Leia_Beta4
  8. Install




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