Vibration Plate Machine Workout Equipment Review - Burn Fat Fast!

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People nowadays have been very conscious about their health and fitness. The rampant growth of wellness centers, weight loss programs, health spas, and clinics came out in order to cater the needs of fitness enthusiasts and aficionados.

Due to hectic schedules, some who are not capable of making regular trips to the gym prefer the quick and instant procedure on burning fat at their own pace.

One of the latest innovations today is the vibration plate. This fitness equipment is a passive method that helps burn body fat and gain muscles through vibration.

This article will discuss what this vibration plate is all about, how it works, how it can benefit you, and the things to keep in mind for a safe and effective use of this machine.   

What is a Vibration Plate Machine?

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If you are looking for an effective way to burn your body fats without getting totally exhausted, then this machine is right for you. This fitness equipment belongs to the low-impact exercise category that requires minimal effort compared to other types of exercise.

As you stand on the plate, waves of energy are being sent to the body. These vibrations signal the brain into thinking that you’re falling. Your body will then adjust slightly for better balance and stability. These subtle muscle movements are involuntary, giving you great results without too much effort.

Vibration plates are not just made for standing exercises. Users can maximize their time with this device by targeting specific muscle groups as they do squats, sitting, and also by lying down on the machine. This can develop the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and more.

Types of Vibration Plates

A.Oscillating Plates 

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This type of plate usually rests on a pivotal point, like the way a seesaw operates. When standing in an oscillating plate, feet are spread apart. One foot rises while the other one drops. This instigates movement which will cause your body to jiggle.

The oscillating plate is ideal for those who are just starting their way to great fitness since its motion engages in many areas where the storage of fat usually builds up, including legs, thighs, hips, and waist.

A.Vertical Plates

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On the other hand, vertical plates, also known as lineal plates, imitate a jump reflex in the user. It moves up and down, thus, contracting muscles on both sides of the body at the same time which results to a powerful intense workout.

This type of vibration plate is favored by most athletes and bodybuilders since it allows one to build muscles and improve strength and power.


Benefits of Using a Vibration Plate Machine


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Vibration plate machines allow you to perform full body workouts. The vibrations cause your muscles to contract and stretch constantly, helping you develop muscles, enhance strength, improve balance, and coordination. As the muscles get stronger, there’s also an increase in energy which leads to an increase in metabolic rate which helps burn body fat more efficiently.


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You no longer have to dress up and leave the comfort of your home to workout. Vibration plate units can provide you the workout that your body needs right inside your home. This device is compact and comes in various shapes and sizes that do not take up much space. After use, you can simply place it in a corner or add it to your home gym.


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Having your own vibration plate equipment allows you to perform exercises at your own pace. It gives you complete freedom and privacy to work out on your own. This device also allows you to save time and money since it is only a one-time purchase! You no longer have to go to the gym and pay fitness membership fees.

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The vibration plate machine can be really helpful as you go along your fitness journey. However, keep in mind that losing fats and building muscles have no shortcuts. For best results, it is recommended to have a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle while performing full body workouts using this fitness device.

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